Generative Artist

Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is a visual artist from Austin, Texas, working with algorithms, plotters, and paint. His work focuses on computational aesthetics, how they are shaped by the biases of modern computer hardware and software, and how they relate to and interact with the natural world around us. By taking a generative approach to art making, his work explores the possibilities of creation at scale and the powers of emergence.

Tyler’s most notable project, Fidenza, is a series of 999 algorithmically generated works comprising one of the most sought-after fine art NFT collections. Tyler has presented four solo exhibitions of work: QQL: Analogs (2023) at Pace Gallery in Manhattan, New York, Mechanical Hand (2023) at Unit London, UK, Incomplete Control (2021) at Bright Moments Gallery in Manhattan, New York, and Progress (2018) at Galería Dos Topos in León, Mexico.

The Concept

Flyway continues my algorithmic examination of nature. I’m interested in the way that drawing transforms an object in one way, and the computer transforms it in another. It’s fascinating to me that a bird in flight can retain its essential vitality throughout this transformative process.

Flyway as Tattoos

Flyway feels like the perfect fit for a Blackdot tattoo. Obviously, birds are a classic subject of tattoos. But, the transformation of the birds, from organic to algorithmic, is an echo of the transformation that tattoos will undergo with the advent of this new process. On top of that, the designs also utilize elements that are quite difficult to execute by hand: close parallel lines and small, sharp corners resulting from pixelation effects. This is a transition to a new artistic medium.

  • Tyler is offering custom tattoos in the style/aesthetic of Flyway
  • Choose any bird in flight for Tyler to interpret
  • Tattoo can consist of one to three birds providing they are adjacent to one another
  • Tyler will work with you on size and body placement

Custom 1:1 pieces

Size — up to 6 x 2 inches
Sold out

Blackdot’s Early Access Experience

Be one of the first people in history to experience A New Way to Tattoo™! Blackdot’s “Behind the Curtain” early access experience is a unique opportunity to receive a Blackdot tattoo at our Austin location before retail doors open to the public. Optionally, we’ll also provide you with a tour of our R&D facility offering a behind the scenes look at the tech, as well as time with the people that power the company.

It’s analogous to traveling to Porsche’s factory in Germany to meet the designers and to take possession of your 911. There’s a certain kind of privilege associated with being able to drive one of the first models off the production line, past the forklifts and machinery, onto the Autobahn.

If you’re an early adopter and would take pride in being one of the first people to get one of our tattoos, we encourage you to apply for the next available Blackdot x Tyler Hobbs booking opportunity.

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